The old and the new

“I am fascinated with the old and the new—one projecting from a distance picturesque scenes and the other boldly thrashing itself on to the world while I savor its fleeting existence.

It would seem that the two, being so diametrically apposed, would engage in vigorous combat. Yet, to my surprise, there are places where the old and the new live with an unspoken truce. There the two pass each other cordially on book pages, dinner tables and street corners. On occasion, I see them exchange knowing glances as if acknowledging the contradiction of their being. The sight of the two is undoubtedly strange and I can’t help but ponder at the forces that have brought these opposites into a single moment.

It is perplexing and beautiful to find time meeting like this on the continuum of life.”

~Paula Girshman, Osaka, Japan